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Property net profit (loss) calculator

Use this calculator to help you work out the net profit or loss you made on a taxable property sale to include in your income tax return. You can work out the profit or loss of up to five properties in one calculation.

You'll need these amounts:

  • What you bought the property for
  • What you sold the property for
  • The total amount of deductible costs you can claim

You'll also need to work out if the property was taxable under the bright-line test or other property rules.

When you've finished, take a note of the profit or loss amount and include it in the "Other income" box of your income tax return.

The Property sale information (IR833) form which you submit with your income tax return, shows you how to work out the total amount (including any other income) you need to show in the "Other income" box of your tax return.

You may wish to print off the result or save it as a PDF or RTF document.

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