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Personal tax worksheet 2018 (IR746)

Use for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Use this worksheet to check if you're due a refund and your income between 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 was from:

  • salary
  • wages
  • benefits, or
  • taxable pensions.

If you received any other type of income, eg, rent or self-employed income you must file an Individual tax return (IR3).

Do not use this worksheet for a year that you were declared bankrupt. Your results will not be accurate.

To complete this worksheet you'll need:

  • a summary of earnings from us - check in your myIR account or use information provided by your employer
  • any interest or dividend information from your bank or financial institution
  • any taxable Māori authority distribution information
  • a touch tone phone to calculate tax credits and final tax calculations.


You can claim the following expenses on a personal tax summary:

  • a fee paid to someone for completing your tax return
  • commission on interest or dividend income (not bank fees)
  • interest on money you borrowed to buy shares or to invest, as long as the investment will produce some income that's taxable
  • premiums on loss of earnings insurance, as long as the benefit for the insurance policy is taxable income.

If the result of your calculation is a refund you'll need to request a personal tax summary.

If the result of your calculation is tax to pay you don't need to do anything.

This worksheet is for your information only

You don't need to send it to us.