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Depreciation rate finder

About this calculator

This calculator will find the depreciation rate(s) for all depreciable assets acquired after 1 April 1993.

Use of this tool does not result in data being submitted to us.

When to use this calculator

Use this calculator to find the depreciation rate either diminishing value (DV) or straight line (SL) for all depreciable assets.

The general depreciation rates for depreciable assets are listed as follows:

  • 1993-2005 rates apply to assets acquired on or after 1 April 1993 and before 1 April 2005, and buildings acquired on or after 1 April 1993 and before 19 May 2005
  • 2006 and future years asset rates (use for assets other than buildings acquired on or after 1 April 2005 and buildings acquired on or after 19 May 2005).

Note: Assets costing $500 or less (including loose tools) may not need to be depreciated.

This calculator will take about five minutes to complete.

What you will need

For more information refer to Depreciation methods and Managing depreciation

After you finish

You may wish to print and keep a copy of this worksheet for your personal records.

No information you provide while using the calculator is recorded, saved or in any way referenced by Inland Revenue. The calculator is stored on a secure part of our website to prevent unauthorised interception. If you are unable to access the calculator, you may need to update your browser and/or firewall settings.