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This page explains how to keep your details up-to-date, give feedback and make complaints.

Keeping your details up-to-date

If you change your bank account information, address, company name or any other information previously provided, please email us at so our Procurement Operations team can make the necessary changes.

Suppliers to Inland Revenue

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Supplier feedback and complaints

We manage supplier feedback and complaints in line with the the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment's "Guide to supplier feedback and complaints".

If you have any concerns or feedback about a particular procurement process, please email the nominated Inland Revenue Commercial and Procurement contact person at

If you feel your concern has not been resolved, or if you have any other concerns or feedback, please email for the attention of the Head of Commercial and Procurement or the Chief Probity Officer.

After that, the process for making a formal complaint is set out in the guide.

MBIE also offers a confidential Supplier Feedback Service - again, please refer to the guide.

Go to the Guide to supplier feedback and complaints
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