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Receive regular news alerts on the transformation of New Zealand’s tax system and how we are making it simpler and faster for New Zealanders to pay and receive their taxes and entitlements.

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Latest issue

Transformation News issue 19 | April 2019
PDF | 309KB | 3 pages

In this issue:

  • law to make tax more straightforward for New Zealanders
  • payday filing is here
  • our new website goes live in April

Previous issues

Transformation News 2019

Transformation News issue 18 | March 2019
PDF | 403KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Start payday filing now, changing for you updates, planned service interruption dates, and how updates to our new website.

Transformation News issue 17 | February 2019
PDF | 613KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Start payday filing now, register for free webinars, discover proposed changes to the tax system, and how we're help you stay on track.

Transformation News 2018

Transformation News issue 16 | December 2018
PDF | 413KB | 4 pages
In this issue: Prepare for payday filing, learn about our plans to make tax more straightforward, payday filing webinars, improvements to the IR website.

Transformation News issue 15 | October 2018
PDF | 323KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Payday filing is coming - get ready now, Inland Revenue seminars across New Zealand help employers prepare for payday filing, Register for a free payday filing webinar with Inland Revenue, Late breaking news.

Transformation News issue 14 | September 2018
PDF | 316KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Automatic tax refunds proposed for salary and wage earners next year - the biggest tax change in 20 years, Get your business ready for payday filing, Attend a free seminar to find out more about payday filing, What would you like to see more of?

Transformation News issue 13 | May 2018
PDF | 146KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Inland Revenue takes next big step towards transformation, What's new in myIR, Start using AIM in the current tax year, Combat global tax evasion via the Common Reporting Standard, Register now for our free webinars, want to know more about April's changes?

Transformation News 2017

Transformation News issue 12 | November 2017
PDF | 363KB | 4 pages
In this issue: Coming up in early 2018, a new option for managing provisional tax, free webinars, improving our system with the help of tax agents, sharing information to fight global tax evasion, collecting PAYE information.

Transformation News issue 11 | August 2017
PDF | 312KB | 4 pages
In this issue: Stage Two Release Plan, our new organisation, tax agents provide input to enhancements, new option for managing provisional tax, spreading the word, payday reporting proposals, give feedback to help New Zealand families.

Transformation News issue 10 | January 2017
PDF | 517KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Stage 1 goes live, Have your say on the future of tax administration, Proposals to improve the administration of PAYE, Advanced analytics panel - Request for proposal, New IKM systems for Inland Revenue, Automatic Exchange of Information.

Transformation News 2016

Transformation News issue 9 | October 2016
PDF | 375KB | 3 pages
In this issue: Getting ready for improved myIR GST services, Transforming bookkeepers' GST access, Success in other tax jurisdictions, Reaching out to small businesses, Keeping on track for enhanced GST services, New legislation on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), Programme updates online.

Transformation News issue 8 | July 2016
PDF | 568KB | 3 pages
In this issue: On track to deliver first stage of transformation, new provisional tax option popular with small businesses, Tax Transformation Bill passes third reading, consultation on investment income information, Revenue Minister visits transformation foundations, Government connects with small businesses.

Transformation News issue 7 | April 2016
PDF | 524KB | 3 pages
In this issue: New tax system better for business, GST filing through software tried, tested and ready to use, State-of-the-art data centres secured for new tax system, Independent reviews of transformation, Programme update, Engagement programme, and Call for feedback on business tax proposals.

Transformation News 2015

Transformation News issue 6 | December 2015
PDF | 738KB | 4 pages
In this issue: Reduced time and cost for Transformation, Policy consultation continues, First consultation - what you told Government, Accountants and payroll practitioners briefed on policy consultation, Software users test GST filing, IRD website gets smarter, Tax agent webinars a hit, Your voice to Inland Revenue.

Transformation News issue 5 | September 2015
PDF | 622KB | 5 pages
In this issue: Filing taxes direct from software soon to be a reality, Policy consultation continues, 'Fast' software selected for future revenue system, Inland Revenue welcomes Fast team, myIR gets a makeover, Talking to bookkeepers, ICT professionals add independent view, NBR radio listeners ask Inland Revenue questions.

Transformation News issue 4 | June 2015
PDF | 515KB | 5 pages
In this issue: Simplifying tax - what's in it for New Zealand?, joining up Government services, public support for Making Tax Simpler, technology contracts awarded to enable transformation, continuing our engagement with New Zealand, programme update.

Transformation News issue 3 | March 2015
PDF | 615KB | 4 pages
In this issue: Involving New Zealand in the change, procurement news, continuous innovation to improve our services.