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Approved information sharing agreements

Read or download our agreements with the New Zealand Police and the Department of Internal Affairs. You can also read the summaries of agreements with other government agencies.

Information sharing with New Zealand Police

This agreement allows Inland Revenue to share personal information with the New Zealand Police for the purpose of prevention, detection, investigation or providing evidence of serious crime.

Information sharing with Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)

This agreement allows DIA to share information from adult passport applications with Inland Revenue to help us contact overseas-based student loan borrowers and child support liable parents who are in arrears and/or have outdated contact details.

Information sharing MoUs

Read the summaries of information sharing Memoranda of Understanding with other government agencies.

Information sharing with Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

This agreement enables MSD and Inland Revenue to share information for the purposes of assessing eligibility for benefits, enforcing obligations related to benefits, assessing tax obligations and registering new customers or updating customer contact information.

External Dataset Framework

Find out about the External Dataset Framework.

Certificate of confidentiality (IR820)

Staff from other government departments or agencies, and contractors, who have access to restricted Inland Revenue information are required to sign the IR820 Certificate of confidentiality form.